Advanced Observing Program at Kitt Peak Visitor Center
(Overnight Program)

The Advanced Observing Program is a public program in which participants use the high-tech resources of the Kitt Peak Visitor Center Observatories to explore the Universe. Don’t miss our images!

New CCD Images!
Quick Rate Info
  • CCD Imaging: $650/night, up to 2 people
  • Visual and Webcam DLSR: $550/night, up to 2 people
  • $90/night/person, room and board, single occupancy (includes 3 meals)
  • $75/night/person, double occupancy


The National Optical Astronomy Observatory at Kitt Peak recognizes the following organizations and individuals for their generous contributions to the NOAO Nightly and Advanced Observing Programs. Thank you!

Ash Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Donation of Ash-Dome for telescope structure
Box 312, Plainfield, Illinois 60544
phone: (815) 436-9403

Auriga Imaging

RegiStar software for image registration and mosaic production.
6440 Main St. Vancouver BC V5W 2V4, CANADA
phone: (604) 732-0684

CCDWare Publishing

John Smith for Software Donations
CCDAutoPilot2 for automated image acquisition
CCDStack for image processing

Cyanogen Productions Inc.

Doug George for providing the AOP program with Maxim DL CCD and MaxDSLR sofware and continued support.
25 Conover Street, Nepean, Ontario K2G 4C3, Canada
(613) 225-2732

R Jay GaBany

Generous donation of a Takahashi FSQ-106 telescope with accessories

The Vernon H. Haase Foundation

The generous donation of $10,000 to our NOP and AOP programs.

Santa Barbara Instrument Group

ST6303, ST10 and ST8 Self-Guided CCD Imaging Cameras, AO7 units & CFW-8 Color Filter Wheels and support
P.O. Box 50437, Santa Barbara, California 93150
phone: (805) 969-1851