The Kitt Peak Experience… Like no other


MARS, THE MOON, AND NOT-MARS Mars at opposition in 2010. Close-up of crescent m oon.

Kitt Peak (YOUR National Observatory) is pleased to announce a one-time-only special evening program to catch a glimpse of a rare and exciting conjunction! The crescent Moon and the planet Mars will both be very close to a bright red star that looks like Mars, but is not Mars. What star is it? Come and find out! (HINT: The star is Not Mars.)

This conjunction will help us explore the size and shape of our solar system as well as the size and shape of the Milky Way Galaxy (our Home Sweet Home) and even the “Local Group” of neighboring galaxies. Hands-on demonstrations and computer simulations will compliment our lectures. Telescopic observing will also be featured (weather permitting).

This program is FREE to all Kitt Peak Members. Non-members are also encouraged to attend (see cost below). A boxed meal will be provided.

Adults and families with children 8 years or above are encouraged to attend.

Reservations required.


Thursday, October 18, 2012


2:45 PM – Arrival Time
8:00 PM – Departure Time

(Yes it’s an early arrival, but we’ll also finish up early so you’ll be home by 9:30 or so. The gift shop will NOT be open at the end of the program.)


The Kitt Peak Visitor Center


FREE to Kitt Peak Members (with valid membership card)
(Members who want the boxed meal must pay $7.00)

Adults $45
Kids (ages 8-16) $25

Tohono O’odham Tribal Members always Free


You may cancel at any time up to 1 week prior to the program date without any penalty. A $20 per person cancellation fee will be charged for those who cancel less than 1 week prior to the program date. If we are forced to cancel the program ourselves, you will not be charged anything.

On the day of the program we will make a “weather call” and determine if the program will proceed as scheduled or not. Make sure we have a good phone number where we can reach you on that day! Assuming the weather cooperates, the per-person fee will be charged automatically at this time. You will receive a copy of your receipt at check-in time.

If a last-minute emergency or other situation comes up that prevents some or all of your group from attending, please let us know as soon as possible. It may save you some money, and will allow us to fill the empty space with others from our waiting list.


Call (520) 318-8726 to register.

Call (520) 318-8736 if you have any questions. Or email the Program Coordinator at: (It’s easier to reach me via email than by phone.)