The Kitt Peak Experience… Like no other

Intro To Astrophotography

Moon Saturn Mars

This exciting 3-day workshop is intended for those who are ready to take their first steps into the world of astrophotography and image processing. We will cover everything from the history of photography itself to modern cameras, webcams, and CCD image processing. Avoid years of false-starts and costly mistakes. Hands-on instruction will start with simple scotch mounts and move up through webcams and DSLR digital cameras. We will conclude by covering the basics of CCD imaging. Instruction will cover techniques for a wide range of budgets and equipment.


Arrival and check-in time at Kitt Peak on the first day of each workshop is between Noon and 2:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time. (Note that Arizona never switches to Daylight Savings Time.)


Class cost:

Plus a non-refundable $75 Registration Fee, payable when you sign up.

Cost INCLUDES Room and Board (2 nights, 6 meals) for the duration of the workshop* (a $200 value!)

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*All rooms are Double Occupancy