Recent Observers

Here are some images past participants have acquired through this program (most being first time CCD users).

Click on the highlighted images to see a larger version of these pictures. Generally images are posted in a greatly minimized form.

Images by Jan Sanberg and Al Medina (3/29/2000).

M57, the Ring Nebula
M13, the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules
M17, the Swan Nebula

Images by Bethany and Amanda VanStavern (3/26/2000).

Operator: Adam BlockM57: The Ring Nebula
Operator: Adam BlockSpecial processing to show remote galaxy!
Operator: Adam BlockM61 and NGC 4303A

Image by Andy Fisher (3/24/2000).
Operator: Adam BlockM63 The "Sunflower" Galaxy

Images by Chris Bortz (3/18/2000).
These pictures were taken under a full moon with 30+mph winds...
Operator: Adam BlockM13 Operator: Adam BlockNGC 5982 et al

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Updated: 3/18/2000