Recent Observers

Here are some images past participants have acquired through this program (most being first time CCD users).

Images by Dale Webb and Buff Burtis (4/20/99)

M51 M5 NGC 5907 NGC 6888 NGC 6946 IC 5146

Images by Louis Moretti, Michael and Phyllis Mategrano (4/19/99)

M104 M20 M27 M51 M61 Mars

Images by Michael Stegina and Kyle McNatt (4/17/99)

These Mars images were taken using a barlow lens (f/20). The images are separated by about an hour of time. Notice the rotation of Mars!
Click here to see the full image! This picture of Jupiter was taken June 98 during these gentlemen's last visit. After some careful image processing this is really a nice image!

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Updated: 4/13/99