Recent Observers

Here are some images past participants have acquired through this program (most being first time CCD users).

Click on the highlighted images to see a larger version of these pictures. Generally images are posted in a greatly minimized form.

Images by James Carlisle (12/23/2005), a night with high cirrus.
Operator: Flynn Haase
NGC 2805

Images by Peter Lipscomb (12/07/2005), a night with 1st quarter moon and high cirrus.
Operator: Flynn Haase
NGC 1073

NGC 2146

Images by Dan and Erica Simpson (12/4/2005), a night with poor seeing.
Operator: Flynn Haase
The Horsehead Nebula

NGC 660

Jupiter with webcam

Saturn with webcam

Images by Douglas Matthews (11/06 and 11/7, 2005)
Operator: Flynn Haase
Mars taken with the ST-10

Mars animation made with the webcam

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Updated: 10/17/2005