Recent Observers

Here are some images past participants have acquired through this program (most being first time CCD users).

Click on the highlighted images to see a larger version of these pictures. Generally images are posted in a greatly minimized form.

Images by Doug Matthews and Charles Betts (10/22-24/03).

Operator: Adam BlockNGC 253 Operator: Adam BlockNGC 2541 Operator: Adam BlockNGC 2419 Operator: Adam BlockSaturn Operator: Adam BlockCassiopeia A (supernova remnant) Operator: Adam BlockNGC 2346

Images by Eric Laut (10/23/03).

Operator: Flynn HaaseM15 Operator: Flynn HaaseNGC 253 Operator: Flynn HaaseM42

Images by Amy Harmon and Scott Matthews (10/20/03).

Operator: Adam BlockM43 Operator: Adam BlockNGC 1042

Images by Rex Wilcox and Raynett Hull (10/18/03).

Operator: Adam BlockHorseHead Nebula Operator: Adam BlockMars Operator: Adam BlockMoon (Terminator) Operator: Adam BlockNGC 428

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Updated: 09/21/2003