NGC 5884

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NGC 5884 is a face-on spiral galaxy located approximately 80 million light years away. This image is noisy due to the bright moonlit sky that the data was taken under. A few pink HII regions can be seen in the image as well as a handful of background galaxies. In classification (Sc) and structure this galaxy is similar to NGC 1232 and NGC 3344. The glow around the bright foreground star is an artifact of the data.


Meade 16in LX200 telescope operating at f/10
SBIG ST8E CCD camera with color filter wheel

L R G B color production was used to create this image.

Luminance = 70 minutes binned 1x1
Red = 30 minutes binned 2x2
Green = 30 minutes binned 2x2
Blue = 40 minutes binned 2x2

  • The image is quite noisy due to bright sky (moon light).
  • FWHM = 1.8 arcseconds
  • Minimum credit line: Christan Balnius and Dian Beaubien/Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

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    Updated: 05/08/2002