Brocken Spectre (and Glory)

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So what happens on Kitt Peak on a cloudy, foggy night? We make our own Brocken Spectres of course! Here one of our guides, Roy Lorenz, poses while being illuminated by a flash light from behind. The camera looks in the anti-flashlight direction and captures Roy's shadow stretching into the distance (Brocken Spectre) as well as the Glory (the colored rings of light) that surround his head. Mountain climbers often see this effect in the fog with sunlight. However... you can make your own if you have well-matched fog water droplets. Please visit this webpage about Brocken Spectre and other atmospheric phenomena.


Canon Rebel (EOS) digital camera
  • 30 second exposure (gain set to ASA 800)
  • Minimum credit line: Roy Lorenz/Adam and Miwa Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

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    Updated: 02/08/2005