Advanced Observing Program at Kitt Peak Visitor Center

Recent Observers

Here are some images past participants have acquired through this program (most being first time CCD users).

Click on the highlighted images to see a larger version of these pictures. Generally images are posted in a greatly minimized form.

Images by Mike Chaks(4/15/2008)

Operator: Kevin Bays

M81 and M82

Images by Neal Uitvlugt(4/07/2008)

Operator: Flynn Haase

M 27

M 104 (Luminance Only)

M 51 (Luminance Only)

Images by DL and Kelly Wilson (4/07/2008)

Operator: Kevin Bays

M 81 and M 82

Images by Tracy Lamerato(3/27/2008)

Operator: Flynn Haase

M 57

M 81

Images by George Fleenor(3/07/2008)

Operator: Flynn Haase

M 104

NGC 4567

Images by Barry Aravandino and Judy Gaal(3/04/2008)

Operator: Kevin Bays

M 51

Images by Brandon Chadwell(3/03/2008)

Operator: Flynn Haase

M 13

M 64

Image by Glen Saurdiff and Joan Simpson(2/06/2008)

Operator: Flynn Haase

NGC 3190 and Friends

Images by David Spencer(1/31/2008)

Operator: Kevin Bays

M 82

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