NOAO System Technology Center

Kitt Peak Ohio State Multi-Object Spectrograph

System Engineering and Design

Science and Top-Level Requirements
System Engineering and Design
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Final Design Review (date TBD)
August 2010 Design Review
Review Panel Report
Response to Review Panel
4m Optical Design Parameters
System Design Notes
SDN 0     KOSMOS System Design Note Organization
SDN 1.01     KOSMOS Science Requirement Issues
SDN 1.02     RCSP Demand
SDN 1.03     Restar Science Requirements for KOSMOS
SDN 1.04     Optimum Pixel Scale
SDN 2.02     User Software Requirements
SDN 2.03     User Software Selection
SDN 3.01     CCD Initial Selection
SDN 3.02     CCD Selection
SDN 4     Telescope Mechanical Interface
SDN5     KOSMOS Flexure Performance and Requirements
Interface Control Documents
ICD 0     ICD Listing, Version 2
ICD 3.1     Instrument Controller to Instrument System
ICD 4.1     Instrument Controller to Detector System
ICD 5.1     Instrument Controller to Telescope System
ICD 6.1     Instrument Controller to Data Handling System