Dr. David Richard Silva
National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO)


Curriculum vitae (Last update: June 2013)

Research interests Technical interests

• Extragalactic stellar populations
• Elliptical galaxies (near and far)
• Stars above the TRGB
• Host stars of exoplanets
• Digital stellar libraries

• Observatory operations & management
• Queue observing
• Astronomical data processing and quality control
• End-to-end data management systems

Recent service activities

President (2012 - 2015), Division B: Facilities, Technologies, and Data Science
Member (2012 - 2014), Kepler User Panel
Member (2010 - 2013), AAS Nomination Committee
Member (permanent), LSST Board of Directors
Member (2013 - TBD), TMT Board of Directors
Member (2013 - 2015), Gemini Board of Directors


Refereed Publications (ADS)
Non-refereed publications (ADS)
Recent external preprints (astro-ph via ADS)

Career path

BSc: U. of Arizona (1984)
PhD: U. of Michigan (1991)

Recent research activity

  • Massive stars evolution in Local Group Galaxies
    • Red supergiants in the Andromeda galaxy (M31)
      • Massey, Silva, Levesque, Plez, Olsen, Clayton, Meynet & Maeder
        2009, ApJ, 420
      • Preprint: arXiv:0907.376

    • Spectral classification of massive stars in M31 and M33
  • Digital stellar libraries
    • Next Generation Spectral Library (NGSL)
    • XSL: The X-Shooter Spectral Library
      • Overview (2012) (Chen et al.)
      • The X-shooter spectral library (XSL). I. DR1. Near-UV-optical spectra from the first year of the survey
        • Chen, Trager, Peletier, Lancon, Vazdekis, Phrugniel, & Silva, A&A, submitted

  • Miscellaneous
    • The infrared light curve of SN 2011fe in M101 and the distance to M101
      • Matheson, Allen, Joyce, Saha, Silva, et al. 2012, ApJ, in press.
      • Preprint: arXiv:1205:5269

Former Ph.D. students

End matter

Despite scientific claims to the contrary, the destiny or meaning of the human race, and of the cosmic order, cannot be ascertained by a study of discrete biological or historical events. It is no more logical to argue that the world has no ultimate cause or purpose than to argue that it does – in both cases the empirical or scientific evidence for deciding the matter is inadequate. - Robert Jastrow, 2000, God and the Astronomers.

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