Nightly Observing Program at Kitt Peak Visitor Center

Imagine a night under the stars at Kitt Peak National Observatory! Professional astronomers the world over aspire to do their research here, and now, you can experience the wonder of hands-on astronomy. We'll review recent advances in the field and provide an understandable perspective of our place in the universe. Then, we'll use our three telescopes to take a visual journey through the cosmos. Come experience Kitt Peak with us!

Quick Rate Info
  • Adults: $49
  • Seniors: $45 (age 62 and over)
  • Students: $45 (elementary to college)
  • Military: $45 (with current ID)
  • Group Rates Available

Visitor Center Astronomical Database

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Star systems

Open clusters

Diffuse nebulae

Globular clusters


Solar System

Planetary nebulae and
supernova remnants


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