Nightly Observing Program at Kitt Peak Visitor Center

Imagine a night under the stars at Kitt Peak National Observatory! Professional astronomers the world over aspire to do their research here, and now, you can experience the wonder of hands-on astronomy. We'll review recent advances in the field and provide an understandable perspective of our place in the universe. Then, we'll use our three telescopes to take a visual journey through the cosmos. Come experience Kitt Peak with us!

Quick Rate Info
  • Adults: $49
  • Seniors: $45 (age 62 and over)
  • Students: $45 (elementary to college)
  • Military: $45 (with current ID)
  • Group Rates Available

What Visitors are saying about the NOP program

Founded back in 1996, the Nightly Observing Program has a rich history of opening the night sky to those who want to take a look. This program has been written up as a travel destination in many media sources such as:

The following comments are taken directly from NOP visitor evaluation sheets. They have not been altered in any way and reflect what our visitors are saying about the NOP program:

“Great Value, well presented by knowledgeable people. Gives a sense of perspective to life.”

“I have never been interested in anything science related. This really peaked my interest and I plan on doing some learning on my own. Thanks for making something science related fun for me for the first time in 33 yrs.”

“The program is wonderful and a national treasure.”

“You exceeded our expectations! Thanks for a great evening!”

“Great to see such enthusiasm and passion in Presentation-I’ll definitely recommend this to friends.”

“Accurate and well presented, with knowledgeable staff. One of the best deals I have ever seen. I’ll bring more people back!”

“The program is simply wonderful. The presenters made it lots of fun, exciting, and informative. The presenters enthusiasm for their field of work was infectious! A wonderful time!”

“Thank you for the awesome evening”

“I know nothing about astronomy but I never felt like the presenters were talking down to me. Good Show.”

“Presenters were excellent- Highly knowledgeable- Clearly passionate- and FUN!”

“Had a wonderful time even my 91 year old grandmother had a wonderful time. Thank you for a wonderful evening and great experience.”

“The presenters were EXCELLENT I learned a lot!.”

“This was the highlight of our 10 day AZ Vacation the whole thing was fascinating.”

“I will enjoy watching the sky with more awe and interest.”

“It was a great experience and it renewed an interest in sky gazing that I one had!”

“Breath taking-Beautiful.” “This was fantastic, I was so excited to have this opportunity thank you so much.”

“Outstanding program, outstanding presenter, unusual kindness and consideration by staff.”

“Awesome job explanation of night sky. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

“Once in a lifetime experience!”

“I’m so glad you offer this program to the public.”

“A wonderful blend of general information for the novice and detail valuable for the experienced amateur astronomer. Excellent program throughout.. Thrilling.”

“Presenters were friendly, astronomy knowledgeable. Couldn’t ask for more.”

“Thank you so much it was a night to remember always!”

“Definitely a must thing to do when in the area. Very awe inspiring. Well worth the $$. Intrigued me very much!”

“A WOW Experience.”

“Thank you for opening up your facility to the public.”

“Very exciting and marvelous experience.”

“Every one needs to see this program. It’s awesome. Best deal for the money in town.”

“The staff were and are very accommodating! Thank You.”

“Exceeded our expectations.”

“Outstanding program! Great that they allow novices to enjoy telescopes and the night.”

“Very friendly and knowledgeable presenters Thanks.”

“Absolutely fantastic!!! If I don’t do anything else this trip I’ll feel I had a phenomenal visit!”

“Very well prepared presenters, extremely personal and down to earth people. Great time”

“A definite must do experience in the Tucson area and is very well organized. Presenters very knowledgeable.”

“This was fantastic well worth the money. In this case I got more for my money.”

“Even though it was cold and windy the highlight of our vacation was here. It was very fascinating, educational, and entertaining. Thank you.”

“Excellent, excellent, excellent worth every penny”

“Presenters showed great adaptability to weather and celestial conditions clouds and full moon! Thanks.”

“I saw everything I wanted and what I wasn’t expected. This program is amazing. Thank you very much!”

“Awesome! Our oldest son is interested in astronomy and is already considering college to help in a career in aerospace, space science, etc. This was perfect for him Thanks very much!

” Our presenters were warm, courteous and knowledgeable and had a pleasant sense of humor-It was a great experience and certainly made us all gain a greater respect for the work you do. A wonderful opportunity to wonder and to learn Thanks.”

“Wonderful, I learned a lot and this is one experience I can cross off for life goals. Thank you! “

“This was the best experience of our visit to Tucson. The presenters were great and extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable.”

“WHAT A TREAT!!! I loved this program. I’m inspired to pursue astronomy further. THANK YOU!”

“This was great. It was FAR better than expected!!!”

“Dreams of lifetime were made into reality!”

“Thank you so very much for your time, knowledge, humor and making this something very special.”

“Overall excellent introductory presentation- lively and helpful participation- very knowledgeable.”

“Absolutely Brilliant Top Science!”

“THANK YOU for offering a visitor’s program and making it so well thought through!”

“The tax payer is getting his money’s worth!”

“Best star gazing program. Much improved from 4-5 years ago.”

“Thank you for making this available to everyday people.”

“Has a great time. This was the first time I have ever done anything like this. It amazes me how much there is to learn about our universe. Thank you! “

“Very knowledgeable staff. Walked away with a lot more understanding of the universe. Loved it! Would recommend to any one!”

“We really enjoyed our time here-we dressed warm and enjoyed the educational experience- thank you! Preserve this great program! Continue the search for explanation and knowledge great job overall!”

“One of the best things I have ever done!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation! Friendly staff and excellent program. Very helpful and informative for a novice such as myself!”

“Fascinating stuff delivered by knowledgeable, friendly staff. Well be back with our kids!”

“great experience for the kids! Guides very informative, nice, funny and friendly. Overall it was amazing! Great Job.”

“Wonderful, knowledgeable group of charming. Intelligent people.”

“Excellent outreach to the public. Would highly recommend it.”

“Very worth the time and money.”

“I really enjoyed the program and I will recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest interest in astronomy. I also learned a lot and this has peaked my interest to learn more. Thanks!”

“This was by far the most interesting and most professional program I have ever participated in!!!!”

“I think it’s definitely worth the time and money and very educational. It held my interest the entire time.”

“It is clear that our guide made the experience so wonderful. He was funny, knowledgeable, and kept the group interested.”

“Excellent energy and explanation/response for levels of all guests.”

“Great attitude-sincere and excited but fun/humorous too! Palatable for the unscientific but still painlessly educational! The highlight of our Tucson trip- Thank you.”

“This was the best hands on learning program geared to all ages I’ve ever seen.”

“We will recommend this program to our friends, family, schools and other organizations.”

“This program was excellent, information and fun.”

“This is my second trip and I still am amazed at what I learned. I will still keep coming as often as I can until it gets boring if ever that will happen.”

“The presenters were excellent, the experiences were awesome.”

“Even though it was cloudy & rainy I enjoyed the presentation and learned quite a bit! Thank you!”

“Absolutely fantastic. We will recommend this to everyone we know. Your people are friendly, knowledgeable, and considerate. Food was fresh and delicious. Want to come back again and stay longer.”

“Very favorable we’d been to Mauna Kea but this was more intensive and we enjoyed the viewing immensely.”

“It was a privilege to be here. Everything was done wonderfully! Thank You”

“Outstanding! This was incredible!”

“Well worth the time and experience!”


“This place is the best! I have learned so much and had a blast. Everyone was very friendly, smart, and helpful. Our day was amazing! (Surprisingly inexpensive).”