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Sharon E. Hunt
Librarian & Citation Analyst
Hours: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Sharon Hunt

NOAO Library
950 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
P.O. Box 26732
Tucson, AZ 85726
Hours: Open 24 hours/day

About the NOAO-North Library

The NOAO-North Library is a research library that supports the research activities of NOAO (CTIO and KPNO) and NSO staff members by providing access to information found in both electronic and paper sources.

The NOAO Library supports the mission of NOAO in the following ways:

    Physical Collection: The library maintains and circulates a collection of books, journals, atlases, observatory publications, and historical documents in astronomy, mathematics, physics, science, and technology.

    Electronic Resources: The library maintains a website to facilitate access to information in digital format, with links to electronic journals, reference sources, news items, and digital information sources.

    Publications Lists: The librarian tracks publications of NOAO Scientific Staff and publications that cite the use of telescope data from NOAO facilities (CTIO, KPNO, SMARTS, SOAR, WIYN) and from NOAO-granted community-access time on non-NOAO telescopes.

    Physical Space: The library provides areas for quiet study and for collaborative meetings.

    Reference Services: The library purchases informational materials to support the research activities of NOAO staff; preserves, organizes, and provides access to NOAO historical information; facilitates access to information in digital format; locates and obtains journal articles; and fills information requests.

NOAO Library Collaborative Space

NOAO Library Study and Research Area

Open Book

NOAO Publications, FY15

    See the NOAO Library bulletin board for a listing of this month's staff and telescopes data publications.

    PDF file, FY15 NOAO Publications Lists (recent pubs listed first, followed by complete FY15 listing)

    FY15 NOAO Publications listing (with links to ADS and arXiv)

    Recent Staff Publications

    ASP Conference Series vol. 491, edited by Sean Points and Andrea Kunder, contains a history of CTIO as well as articles by many NOAO scientific staff.

    Navarete, F., Damineli, A., Barbosa, C. L., Blum, R. D., 2015MNRAS.450.4364N, A survey of extended H2 emission from massive YSOs
    Sci. Staff: Blum, R.D.; SOAR+OSIRIS; SOAR+Spartan

    Giallongo, E., et al., 2015A&A...578A..83G, Faint AGNs at z>4 in the CANDELS GOODS-S field: looking for contributors to the reionization of the Universe
    Sci. Staff: Dickinson, M.

    Kervella, P., et al., 2015A&A...578A..77K, The dust disk and companion of the nearby AGB star L2 Puppis. SPHERE/ZIMPOL polarimetric imaging at visible wavelengths
    Sci. Staff: Ridgway, S.T.

    Ross, T. L., Holtzman, J. A., Saha, A., Anthony-Twarog, B. J., 2015AJ....149..198R, Metallicity Distribution Functions of Four Local Group dwarf galaxies
    Sci. Staff: Saha, A.

    Lebzelter, T., et al. 2015A&A...578A..33L, Oxygen isotopic ratios in intermediate-mass red giants
    Sci. Staff: Hinkle, K.H.
    KPNO:2.1m; NOAO Prop. ID: 2013B-0218, PI: T. Lebzelter

    Page created 9.13; last updated 6.23.15

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June 2015

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Recent Telescope Publications

Roderick, T. A., Jerjen, H., Mackey, A. D., Da Costa, G. S., 2015ApJ...804..134R, Stellar Substructures Around the Hercules Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy

de los Reyes, 2015AJ....149...79D, The Relationship between Stellar Mass, Gas Metallicity, and Star Formation Rate for Hα-Selected Galaxies at z ≈ 0.8 from the NewHα Survey

Mudd, D., Stanek, K Z., 2015MNRAS.450.3811M, GALEX catalogue of UV point sources in M33
NOAO Survey Programs: Local Group Galaxies Survey (LGGS): CTIO:4m+Mosaic; KPNO:4m+Mosaic; NOAO Science Archive

Navarete, F., Damineli, A., Barbosa, C. L., Blum, R. D., 2015MNRAS.450.4364N, A survey of extended H2 emission from massive YSOs
Sci. Staff: Blum, R.D.; SOAR+OSIRIS; SOAR+Spartan

A’Hearn, M.F., Krishna Swamy, K.S., Wellnitz, D.D., Meier, R., 2015AJ....150....5A, Prompt Emission by OH in Comet Hyakutake
KPNO:4m+Echelle Spectrography

Grundy, W. M., et al. 2015Icar..257..130G, The mutual orbit, mass, and density of the large transneptunian binary system Varda and Ilmarë
NOAO-granted community-access time; Prop. ID 2011A-0017; PI W. Grundy

Pike, R. E., et al. 2015AJ....149..202P, The 5:1 Neptune Resonance as Probed by CFEPS: Dynamics and Population
KPNO:2.1m; KPNO:WIYN 3.5m