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NOAO Publications: arXiv Contributions, FY2014

August-October 2014

NOAO Staff

Mark Everett in "Most Sub-Arcsecond Companions of Kepler Exoplanet Candidate Host Stars are Gravitationally Bound"

Ron Probst in Bally et al., "Outfl ows, Dusty Cores, and a Burst of Star Formation in the North America and Pelican Nebulae"--accepted by AJ

Steve Ridgway, Tom Matheson, Ken Mighell, and Knut Olsen in The Variable Sky of Deep Synoptic Surveys"

Blum et al., Spitzer SAGE-Spec: Near Infrared Spectroscopy, Dust Shells, and Cool Envelopes in Extreme Large Magellanic Cloud AGB Stars

Jorgensen, I."RXJ0848.6+4453: The Evolution of Galaxy Sizes and Stellar Populations in a z=1.27 Cluster," M. Bergmann (NOAO), co-author

Kinman, Tom (NOAO) and Warren Brown, "The Identification of RR Lyrae and Delta Scuti Stars from Variable GALEX Ultraviolet Sources"

O'Brien, T.P., et al. "Design of the KOSMOS oil-coupled spectrograph camera lenses," Gary Poczulp (NOAO), co-author

Colette Salyk in Stone, J.M. et al., 2014arXiv1407.4417S, Variable Accretion Processes in the Young Binary-Star System UY Aur, and Salyk, C., et al., 2014arXiv1407.2652S, ALMA Observations of the T Tauri Binary System AS 205: Evidence for Molecular Winds and/or Binary Interactions

Lauer, Tod R. et al., "Brightest Cluster Galaxies at the Present Epoch"

NOAO Telescopes

Bally et al., "Out flows, Dusty Cores, and a Burst of Star Formation in the North America and Pelican Nebulae"--NOAO Sci. Staff, R. Probst; accepted by AJ

Pan et al., "Type Ia Supernova Spectral Features in the Context of Their Host Galaxy Properties"--Mayall

Endl et al., "Kepler-424 b: A "Lonely" Hot Jupiter That Found A Companion"--WIYN Deacon et al., Wide, Cool and Ultracool Companions to Nearby Stars from Pan-STARRS 1, KPNO 4m/Ritchey-Chretien Spectrograph, accepted to ApJ

Thompson et al., "WIYN Open Cluster Study LXII: Comparison of Isochrone Systems using Deep Multi-Band Photometry of M35"

Gagne, J.P. et al., 2014arXiv1407.1729G, Spatially-Resolved Spectra of the "Teacup" AGN: Tracing the History of a Dying Quasar, KPNO 2.1m

Sabin, L., et al., 2014arXiv1407.0109S, First release of the IPHAS Catalogue of New Extended Planetary Nebulae, KPNO 2.1m

Lee and Lee, "Properties of Optically Selected Supernova Remnant Candidates in M33"; Local Group Survey; KPNO 4m

Mudd and Stanek, "GALEX Catalog of UV Point Sources in M33"; local Group Survey; KPNO 4m

Deacon et al., "Wide, Cool and Ultracool Companions to Nearby Stars from Pan-STARRS1"

Martini et al., "KOSMOS and COSMOS: New facility instruments for the NOAO 4-meter telescopes"; Sci. Staff: Elias, J.; Points, S.; Sprayberry, D.; Daly, P.; Fitzpatrick, M.; George, G.R.; Hunten, B.; Marshall, R.; Poczulp, G.; Rath, S.; Seaman, R.; Trueblood, M.; Zelaya, K.

Deason, A.J., "TriAnd and its Siblings: Satellites of Satellites in the Milky Way Halo"; KPNO 4m/Mosaic

Freeman et al., The Chandra Planetary Nebula Survey (ChanPlaNS). II. X-ray Emission from Compact Planetary Nebulae"; WIYN

Wang et al., "Influence of Stellar Multiplicity On Planet Formation. II. Planets Are Less Common in Multiple-Star Systems with Separations Smaller than 1500 AU"; WIYN

Stovall et al., "The Green Bank Northern Celestial Cap Pulsar Survey - I: Survey Description, Data Analysis, and Initial Results"; WIYN

Kobulnicky et al., "Toward Complete Statistics of Massive Binary Stars: Penultimate Results from the Cygnus OB2 Radial Velocity Survey"; WIYN
Pannella et al., "GOODS-HERSCHEL: star formation, dust attenuation and the FIR-radio correlation on the Main Sequence of star-forming galaxies up to z~4"; KPNO; Sci. Staff: Dickinson, M.; To appear in ApJ

R. H. Østensen, J. H. Telting, M. D. Reed, A. S. Baran, P. Nemeth, and F. Kiaeerad, “Asteroseismology revealing trapped modes in KIC10553698A,” (Mayall)

Onken et al., ”The Black Hole Mass of NGC 4151. II. Stellar Dynamical Measurement from Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectroscopy,” (Mayall)

Saunders et al., "Prime focus wide-field corrector designs with lossless atmospheric dispersion correction," (Mayall and Blanco)

Hallenbeck et al., “HIghMass - High HI Mass, HI-rich Galaxies at z∼ 0 High-Resolution VLA Imaging of UGC 9037 and UGC 12506,” (KPNO 2.1m; ALFALFA Survey)

Borkovits, T. et al., "HD183648: a Kepler eclipsing binary with anomalous ellipsoidal variations and a pulsating component", KPNO 4m

Mulroy et al., "LoCuSS: The Near-Infrared Luminosity and Weak-Lensing Mass Scaling Relation of Galaxy Clusters", KPNO 4m

Saunders, W. et al., "Prime focus wide-field corrector designs with lossless atmospheric dispersion correction", Blanco and Mayall telescopes

Vulic et al., "Faint X-ray Binaries and Their Optical Counterparts in M31," Nearby Galaxies Survey; KPNO 4m

Young et al., "Comparing Infrared Star-Formation Rate Indicators with Optically-Derived Quantities," KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey (NOAO Deep Wide Field Survey); KPNO 2.1m

Campbell et al., "The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Fundamental Plane Data," NOAO Fundamental Plane survey

Canning et al., "Filamentary Star Formation in NGC 1275," WIYN

Anthony-Twarog et al., "A uvbyCaH Analysis of the Old Open Cluster, NGC 6819," WIYN

Chiosi et al., "Multiwavelength search for counterparts of supersoft X-ray sources in M31," WIYN

Bocquet et al., "Mass Calibration and Cosmological Analysis of the SPT-SZ Galaxy Cluter Sample Using Velocity Dispersion v and X-ray YX Measurements," Sci. Staff: Zenteno, A.; CTIO 4m

May-June 2014

NOAO Staff

Tim Beers, in Bovy et al., The APOGEE red-clump catalog: Precise distances, velocities, and high-resolution elemental abundances over a large area of the Milky Way's disk”

Tim Beers, in Zasowki et al., "Extinction Maps towards the Milky Way Bulge: 2D and 3D Tests with APOGEE" (accepted by AJ)

Arjun Dey, Sungryong Hong, and Hanae Inami, in Lee et al., "Discovery of a Very Large Structure at Z=3.78," KPNO 4m; NOAO Science Archive: NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey

Mark Dickinson in Bethermin et al., "Clustering, host halos and environment of z∼2 galaxies as a function of their physical properties" (accepted by A&A) and in Tilvi et al., "Rapid Decline of Lyman-alpha Emission Toward the Reionization Era"
Mark Dickinson is quoted in Haas et al., "3C 220.3: A radio galaxy lensing a submillimeter galaxy"

Hanae Inami in Lu et al., "Warm Molecular Gas in Luminous Infrared Galaxies" (accepted by ApJ Letters) and in Murata et al., "Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon feature deficit of starburst galaxies in the AKARI North Ecliptic Pole Deep Field" (accepted by A&A)

Tom Matheson in Fox et al., "Uncovering the Putative B-Star Binary Companion of the SN 1993J Progenitor" and White et al., "Slow-Speed Supernovae from the Palomar Transient Factory: Two Channels"

Dara Norman, in Klein et al., "Probing the distance and morphology of the Large Magellanic Cloud with RR Lyrae stars,” includes observations made as part of the DECam Science Verification program in Nov. 2012.

Janine Pforr in Beifiori et al., "Redshift evolution of the dynamical properties of massive galaxies from SDSS-III/BOSS" (accepted by ApJ)

Rob Swaters in Adams et al."Dwarf Galaxy Dark Matter Density Profiles Inferred from Stellar and Gas Kinematics,"

NOAO Telescopes

WIYN 09.m
Adams et al."Dwarf Galaxy Dark Matter Density Profiles Inferred from Stellar and Gas Kinematics," accepted by ApJ

WIYN 3.5m
Lillo-Box et al., "High-resolution imaging of Kepler planet host candidates. A comprehensive comparison of different techniques,"

Stocke et al., "Absorption-Line Detections of 10 (5-6) K Gas in Spiral-Rich Groups of Galaxies"

KPNO 0.9m
Schulz, "Dwarf Galaxies in the Halo of NGC 891,"

KPNO 2.1m
Granata et al., "TASTE IV. Refining ephemeris and orbital parameters for HAT-P-20b and WASP-1b," accepted to Astronomische Nachrichten

Graham et al., "Clues to the Nature of SN2009IP from Photometric and Spectroscopic Evolution to Late Times, KPNO 4m: RC Spectrograph, to appear in ApJ
Jiang et al., "The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Stripe 82 Imaging Data: Depth-Optimized Co-adds Over 300 Deg^2 in Five Filters," accepted for publication in ApJS (KPNO 4-m/NEWFIRM)

de Blok et al., "HALOGAS observations of NGC 4414: fountains, interaction, and ram pressure," Accepted to A&A

Denney et al., "AGN Type-casting: Mrk 590 No Longer Fits the Role,” KPNO 4m

Huang et al., "Investigation of Star Formation toward the Sharpless 155 H II region,\xe2\x80\x9d

Lee et al., "Discovery of a Very Large Structure at Z=3.78,"

Leighly et al., "Evidence for AGN Feedback in the Broad Absorption Lines and Reddening of Mrk 231," accepted to ApJ

NOAO Science Archive
HALOGAS Survey: "HALOGAS observations of NGC 4414: fountains, interaction, and ram pressure," Accepted to A&A

Dark Energy Survey:
Dietrich et al., "Orientation Bias of Optically Selected Galaxy Clusters and Its Impact on Stacked Weak Lensing Analyses"

NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey: Lee, K. et al., "Discovery of a Very Large Structure at Z=3.78"

Page created 4/20/14; updated 6/10/2014