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NOAO Telescopes Publications

are publications in refereed astronomy journals that directly use data from NOAO telescopes, from community-access time on non-NOAO telescopes granted by NOAO, and from the NOAO Science Archive.

NOAO Staff Publications

are publications written by NOAO Scientific Staff in refereed and non-referred publications, including conference proceedings.

Combined List of Telescopes and Staff Publications, FY2014

Abbott, T.M.C., et al., 2014SPIE.9145E..42A, “Save our secondary: recovering a broken 1.3-m mirror” — Sci. Staff: Abbott, T.M.C.; Probst, R.G.; Elias, J.

Abramson, A., Kenney, J.D.P., 2014AJ....147...63A, “Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of Decoupled Dust Clouds in the Ram Pressure Stripped Virgo Spirals NGC 4402 and NGC 4522” — WIYN 3.5m

Abt, H. A., 2014PASP..126..409A, “The Research Use of Astronomical Monographs” — Sci. Staff: Abt, H.

Ádámkovics, M., Glassgold, A.E., Najita, J.R., 2014ApJ...786..135A, “Shielding by Water and OH in FUV and X-Ray Irradiated Protoplanetary Disks” — Sci. Staff: Najita, J.

Adams, E. R., et al., 2014AJ....148...55A, “De-biased Populations of Kuiper Belt Objects from the Deep Ecliptic Survey” — CTIO 4m/Mosaic; KPNO 4m/Mosaic; Deep Ecliptic Survey; NOAO Science Archive

Adams, J.J. et al., 2014ApJ...789...63A, “Dwarf Galaxy Dark Matter Density Profiles Inferred from Stellar and Gas Kinematics” — WIYN 0.9m

Ahn, C.P. et al., 2014ApJS..211...17A, “The Tenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Spectroscopic Data from the SDSS-III Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment” — Sci. Staff: Beers, T.C.; Smith, V.V.

Alberts, S. et al., 2014MNRAS.437..437A, “The Evolution of Dust-Obscured Star Formation Activity in Galaxy Clusters Relative to the Field over the Last 9 Billion Years” — Sci. Staff: Atlee, D.W.; Dey, A.; NOAO Survey Program: The NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS): CTIO 4m/Mosaic; KPNO 2.1m/FLAMINGOS; KPNO 2.1m/SQIID; KPNO 4m/Mosaic; NOAO Science Archive

Alexandroff, R. et al., 2013MNRAS.435.3306A, “Candidate Type II Quasars at 2 < z < 4.3 in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III” — MMT (NOAO-granted community-access time)

Allende Prieto, C., et al., 2014A&A...568A...7A, “Deep SDSS Optical Spectroscopy of Distant Halo Stars. I. Atmospheric Parameters and Stellar Metallicity Distribution” — Sci. Staff: Beers, T.C.

Amigo, P., et al. 2013AJ....146..130A, “Time-Series BVI Photometry for the Globular Cluster NGC 6981” — CTIO SMARTS 0.9m; CTIO SMARTS 1.3m; CTIO 4m; KPNO 0.9m; NOAO Science Archive

Amorín, R. et al., 2014ApJ...788L...4A, “Evidence of Very Low Metallicity and High Ionization State in a Strongly Lensed, Star-forming Dwarf Galaxy at z = 3.417” — NOAO Survey Program: NEWFIRM Medium-band Survey (NMBS): KPNO 4m/NEWFIRM; NOAO Science Archive

Anders, F. et al., 2014A&A...564A.115A, “Chemodynamics of the Milky Way. I. The First Year of APOGEE Data” — Sci. Staff: Beers, T.C.; Smith, V.V.

Anthony-Twarog, B.J., Deliyannis, C.P., Twarog, B.A., 2014AJ....148...51A, “A uvbyCaHβ Analysis of the Old Open Cluster, NGC 6819” — WIYN 0.9m

Asa’d, R.S., Hanson, M. M., Ahumada, Andrea V. 2013, PASP, 125, 1304, “An Investigation of the Use of Synthetic Spectra to Find the Ages of Stellar Clusters” — CTIO 4m, CTIO SOAR

Ascaso, B., Wittman, D., Dawson, W., 2014MNRAS.439.1980A, “Optical Galaxy Clusters in the Deep Lens Survey” — NOAO Survey Program: Deep Lens Survey (DLS): CTIO 4m/Mosaic; KPNO 4m/Mosaic

Ashby, M.L.N. et al., 2013ApJS..209...22A, “The Spitzer South Pole Telescope Deep Field: Survey Design and Infrared Array Camera Catalogs” — Sci. Staff: Dey, A.

Ashby, M.L.N., et al., 2014ApJS..212...16A, “Erratum: "The Spitzer South Pole Telescope Deep Field: Survey Design and Infrared Array Camera Catalogs”(2013, ApJS, 209, 22)“ — Sci. Staff: Dey, A.

Avenhaus, H., et al., 2014ApJ...790...56A, “HD100546 Multi-epoch Scattered Light Observations” — Sci. Staff: Najita, J.

Balog, Z. et al., 2014ApJ...789L..38B, “The Extraordinary Far-infrared Variation of a Protostar: Herschel/PACS Observations of LRLL54361” — Sci. Staff: Furlan, E.

Barber, C., Courteau, S., Roediger, J.C., Schiavon, R.P. 2014, MNRAS, 440, 2953, “Validation of Optimized Population Synthesis through Mock Spectra and Galactic Globular” — CTIO 4m

Baron, F. et al., 2014ApJ...785...46B, “CHARA/MIRC Observations of Two M Supergiants in Perseus OB1: Temperature, Bayesian Modeling, and Compressed Sensing Imaging” — Sci. Staff: Ridgway, S.T.

Bassett, R., et al., 2014MNRAS.442.3206B, “DYNAMO - II. Coupled Stellar and Ionized-gas Kinematics in Two Low-redshift Clumpy Discs” — KPNO WIYN 3.5m/DensePak

Beaver, J., Kaltcheva, N., Briley, M., Piehl, D., 2013PASP..125.1412B, “Str\xc3\xb6mgren-Hbeta Photometry of the Rich Open Cluster NGC 6705 (M 11)” — KPNO WIYN 0.9m

Beifiori, A. et al., 2014ApJ...789...92B, “Redshift Evolution of the Dynamical Properties of Massive Galaxies from SDSS-III/BOSS” — Sci. Staff: Pforr, J.

Belli, S., Newman, A.B., Ellis, R.S., Konidaris, N.P., 2014ApJ...788L..29B, “MOSFIRE Absorption Line Spectroscopy of z > 2 Quiescent Galaxies: Probing a Period of Rapid Size Growth” — NOAO Survey Program: The NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS): CTIO 4m/Mosaic; KPNO 2.1m/FLAMINGOS; KPNO 2.1m/SQIID; KPNO 4m/Mosaic; NOAO Science Archive

Berger, E., et al., 2013ApJ...779...18B, “A Search for Fast Optical Transients in the Pan-STARRS1 Medium-Deep Survey: M-Dwarf Flares, Asteroids, Limits on Extragalactic Rates, and Implications for LSST” — NOAO Survey Program: Deep Lens Survey (DLS): CTIO 4m/Mosaic; KPNO 4m/Mosaic

Bernstein-Cooper, E.Z. et al., 2014AJ....148...35B, “ALFALFA Discovery of the Nearby Gas-rich Dwarf Galaxy Leo P. V. Neutral Gas Dynamics and Kinematics” — KPNO 2.1m

Berrington, R.C. et al., 2013MNRAS.436.3321B, “The X-ray Spectrum and Spectral Energy Distribution of FIRST J155633.8+351758: A LoBAL Quasar with a Probable Polar Outflow” — KPNO 4m

Béthermin, M., et al., 2014A&A...567A.103B, “Clustering, host halos, and environment of z ~ 2 galaxies as a function of their physical properties” — Sci. Staff: Dickinson, M.

Betoule, M., et al., 2014A&A...568A..22B, “Improved cosmological constraints from a joint analysis of the SDSS-II and SNLS supernova samples” — KPNO 4m; KPNO WIYN 3.5m

Bezanson, R., et al. 2013ApJ...779L..21B, “Tight Correlations between Massive Galaxy Structural Properties and Dynamic” — NOAO Survey Program: NEWFIRM Medium-band Survey (NMBS): KPNO 4m/NEWFIRM; NOAO Science Archive

Birriel, J.J., Walker, C.E., Thornsberry, C.R., 2014JAVSO..42..219B, “Analysis of Seven Years of Globe at Night Data” — Sci. Staff: Walker, C.E.

Blanco-Cuaresma, S., Soubiran, C., Jofré, P., Heiter, U., 2014A&A...566A..98B, “The Gaia FGK Benchmark Stars. High Resolution Spectral Library” — KPNO Coudé Feed

Bochanski, J.J., et al. 2014, AJ, 147, 76, “Hunting the Most Distant Stars in the Milky Way: Methods and Initial Results” — CTIO SOAR

Boettcher, E. et al., 2013AJ....146...94B, “A Search for RR Lyrae Stars in Segue 2 and Segue 3” — KPNO WIYN 0.9m/S2KB CCD camera

Borissova, J., et al. 2014, A&A, 569, A24, "New Galactic Star Clusters Discovered in the VVV Survey. Candidates Projected on the Inner Disk and Bulge" — CTIO SOAR

Bouy, H., et al., 2014A&A...564A..29B, “Orion Revisited. II. The Foreground Population to Orion A” — CTIO 4m/DECam

Bovy, J., et al., 2014ApJ...790..127B, “The APOGEE Red-clump Catalog: Precise Distances, Velocities, and High-resolution Elemental Abundances over a Large Area of the Milky Way's Disk” — Sci. Staff: Beers, T.C.; Smith, V.V.

Boyajian, T. S. et al., 2014ApJ...787...92B, “Erratum: "Stellar Diameters and Temperatures. III. Main Sequence A, F, G, and K Stars: Additional High-precision Measurements and Empirical Relations” — Sci. Staff: Ridgway, S.

Boyajian, T. S., 2014ApJ...790..166B, “Erratum: "Stellar Diameters and Temperatures. II. Main-sequence K- and M-stars”(2012, ApJ, 757, 112) —Sci. Staff: Ridgway, S.

Boyajian, T., 2014ASPC..487..247B, “Dwarf Diameters” — Sci. Staff: Ridgway, S.T.

Bozzetto, L.M., 2014MNRAS.439.1110B, “Multi-frequency Study of a New Fe-Rich Supernova Remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud, MCSNR J0508-6902” Sci. Staff: Points, S.

Brittain, S. D., et al., 2014ApJ...791..136B, “NIR Spectroscopy of the HAeBe Star HD 100546. III. Further Evidence of an Orbiting Companion?” — Sci. Staff: Najita, J.

Brodwin, M. et al., 2013ApJ...779..138B, “The Era of Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters” — KPNO 2.1m; KPNO 4m; NOAO Science Archive: NDWFS, Sci. Staff: Dey, A., NOAO Survey Program: The NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS)--CTIO 4m/Mosaic; KPNO 2.1m/FLAMINGOS; KPNO 2.1m/SQIID; KPNO 4m/Mosaic; NOAO Science Archive

Broekhoven-Fiene, H. et al., 2014ApJ...786...37B, “The Spitzer Survey of Interstellar Clouds in the Gould Belt. VI. The Auriga-California Molecular Cloud Observed with IRAC and MI” — Sci. Staff: Allen, L.

Brown, M.J.I. et al., 2014ApJS..212...18B, “An Atlas of Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions from the Ultraviolet to the Mid-infrared” — CTIO SMARTS 1.5m/RC Spectrograph; KPNO 4m/Mosaic

Brownsberger, S., Romani, R.W., 2014ApJ...784..154B, “A Survey for Hα Pulsar Bow Shocks” — CTIO SOAR; KPNO WIYN 3.5m

Bruursema, J., Meixner, M., Long, K. S., Otsuka, M., 2014AJ....148...41B, “A Search for Supernova Remnants in NGC 6946 Using the [Fe II] 1.64 μm Line, WIYN 3.5m/WHIRC

Bufano, F., et al. 2014, MNRAS, 439, 1807, “SN 2011hs: A Fast and Faint Type IIb Supernova from a Supergiant Progenitor” — CTIO SOAR

Burke, D.L. et al., 2014, AJ, 147, 19, All-Weather Calibration of Wide-Field Optical and NIR Surveys” — Sci. Staff: Saha, A., Claver, C., Smith, C.R.” — CTIO SMARTS 1.5m/RC Spectrograph; CTIO 4m/Mosaic

Cáceres, C., et al., 2014A&A...565A...7C, “Ground-based Transit Observations of the Super-Earth GJ 1214 b” — CTIO SOAR/OSIRIS

Çakırlı, Ö., Ibanoglu, C., Sipahi, E., 2014MNRAS.442.1560C, “V745 Cassiopean Interacting Young Massive Binary in a Multiple-Star System” —KPNO Coudé Feed; Indo-U.S. Library of Coudé Feed Stellar Spectra

Calapa, M.D., et al., 2014ApJ...784..130C, “The Heating of Mid-infrared Dust in the Nearby Galaxy M33: A Testbed for Tracing Galaxy Evolution” — KPNO Burrell Schmidt

Canning, R.E.A., et al. 2013, MNRAS, 435, 1108, “A Multiwavelength View of Cooling Versus AGN Heating in the X-ray Luminous Cool-core of Abell 3581” — CTIO SOAR

Cannon, J.M. et al., 2014ApJ...787L...1C, “Discovery of a Gas-rich Companion to the Extremely Metal-poor Galaxy DDO 68” — KPNO WIYN 0.9m

Cargile, P.A., et al., 2014ApJ...782...29C, “Evaluating Gyrochronology on the Zero-Age-Main-Sequence: Rotation Periods in the Southern Open Cluster Blanco 1 from the KELT-South Survey” Sci. Staff: James, D.

Carollo, D. et al., 2014ApJ...788..180C, “Carbon-enhanced Metal-poor Stars: CEMP-s and CEMP-no Subclasses in the Halo System of the Milky Way” — Sci. Staff: Beers, T.C.

Carr, J. S., Najita, J. R., 2014ApJ...788...66C, “The Oh Rotational Population and Photodissociation of H2O in DG Tauri” — Sci. Staff: Najita, J.

Carraro, G., Giorgi, E.E., Costa, E., Vázquez, R.A., 2014MNRAS.441L..36C, “NGC 4337: An Overlooked Old Cluster in the Inner Disc of the Milky Way” — CTIO SMARTS 0.9m, 1.0m

Caso, J.P., et al. 2014, MNRAS, 442, 891, “Ultracompact Dwarfs around NGC 3268” — CTIO 4m

Castro, P.J. et al., 2013ApJ...776..126C, “Discovery of Four High Proper Motion L Dwarfs, Including a 10 pc L Dwarf at the L/T Transition” — MMT (TSIP; NOAO-granted community-access time)

Cavichia, O., Mollá, M., Costa, R.D.D., Maciel, W.J., 2014MNRAS.437.3688C, “The Role of the Galactic Bar in the Chemical Evolution of the Milky Way” — CTIO 4m/Hydra; KPNO WIYN 3.5m/Hydra

Chakraborty, A., et al. 2014, PASP, 123, 133, “The PRL Stabilized High-Resolution Echelle Fiber-Fed Spectrograph: Instrument Description and First Radial Velocity Results” — CTIO SMARTS 1.5m

Chavarría, L. et al., 2014MNRAS.439.3719C, “A Multiwavelength Study of Embedded Clusters in W5-East, NGC 7538, S235, S252 and S254-S258” — Sci. Staff: Allen, L., KPNO 2.1m/FLAMINGOS

Che, X. et al., 2013JAI.....240007C, “Optical and Mechanical Design of the CHARA Array Adaptive Optics” — Sci. Staff: Ridgway, S.T.

Chen, Y.-P., et al., 2014A&A...565A.117C, “The X-shooter Spectral Library (XSL). I. DR1: Near-ultraviolet through optical spectra from the first year of the survey” — Sci. Staff: Silva, D.

Chernyakova, M., et al. 2014, MNRAS, 439, 432, “Multiwavelength Observations of the Binary System PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 Around the 2010-2011 Periastron Passage” Choi, J., et al., 2014ApJ...792...95C, “The Assembly Histories of Quiescent Galaxies since z = 0.7 from Absorption Line Spectroscopy” — NDWFS: CTIO 4m/Mosaic; KPNO 2.1m/FLAMINGOS; KPNO 2.1m/SQIID; KPNO 4m/Mosaic; NOAO Science Archive

Chung, S.M. et al., 2014ApJ...790...54C, “A UV to Mid-IR Study of AGN Selection“ — NOAO Survey Program: The NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS): CTIO 4m/Mosaic; KPNO 2.1m/FLAMINGOS; KPNO 2.1m/SQIID; KPNO 4m/Mosaic; KPNO 4m/NEWFIRM; NOAO Science Archive

Chung, S.M., et al. 2014, ApJ, 790, 54, "A UV to Mid-IR Study of AGN Selection" — CTIO 4m

Clem, J. L., Landolt, A.U., 2013AJ....146...88C, “Faint UBVRI Standard Star Fields” — CTIO 1.0m; KPNO 2.1m

Clements, D.L., Wardlow, J., Zemcov, M., de Zotti, G., 2014MNRAS.439.1193C, “Herschel Multitiered Extragalactic Survey: Clusters of Dusty Galaxies Uncovered by Herschel and Planck” — CTIO 4m/Mosaic II

Close, L.M. et al., 2014ApJ...781L..30C, “Discovery of Hα; Emission from the Close Companion inside the Gap of Transitional Disk HD 142527” — Sci. Staff: Najita, J.

Close, L.M. et al., 2014IAUS..299...32C, “Visible AO Observations at Halpha for Accreting Young Planets” — Sci. Staff: Najita, J.

Cody, A.M. et al. 2014 , 2014AJ....147...82 c, “CSI 2264: Simultaneous Optical and Infrared Light Curves of Young Disk-bearing Stars in NGC 2264 with CoRoT and Spitzer—Evidence for Multiple Origins of Variability” — Sci. Staff: Allen, L., KPNO 2.1m

Cohen, J.G., et al. 2013ApJ...778...56C, “Normal and Outlying Populations of the Milky Way Stellar Halo at [Fe/H] <-2” — CTIO SMARTS 1.3m

Coleiro, A., Chaty, S., Zurita Heras, J.A., Rahoui, F., Tomsick, J.A., 2013A&A...560A.108C, “Infrared identification of high-mass X-ray binaries discovered by INTEGRAL” — KPNO 4m/NEWFIRM

Connolly, A. J., et al., 2014SPIE.9150E..14C, “An end-to-end simulation framework for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope” — Sci. Staff: Ridgway, S.T.; Saha, A.

Cook, R. I., Dell'Antonio, I. P., 2013MNRAS.435..766C, “Probing Atmospheric Distortions Using Orthogonal Transfer Imagers” — KPNO WIYN 3.5m/OPTIC

Cooke, R.J. et al., 2014ApJ...781...31C, “Precision Measures of the Primordial Abundance of Deuterium” — Keck I (NOAO-granted community-access time)

Cordero, M.J., et al., 2014ApJ...780...94C, “Detailed Abundances for a Large Sample of Giant Stars in the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae (NGC 104)” — CTIO 4m

Crawford, F. et al., 2013ApJ...776...20C, “PSR J1723-2837: An Eclipsing Binary Radio Millisecond Pulsar” — KPNO WIYN 0.9m; KPNO WIYN 3.5m

Crawford, S.M., Wirth, G.D., Bershady, M.A., 2014ApJ...786...30C, “Spatial and Kinematic Distributions of Transition Populations in Intermediate Redshift Galaxy Clusters” — KPNO WIYN 3.5m

Díaz-Santos, T., … Inami, H., et al., 2014ApJ...788L..17D, “Extended [C II] Emission in Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies” — Sci. Staff: Inami, H.

Dahlen, T. et al., 2013ApJ...775...93D, “A Critical Assessment of Photometric Redshift Methods: A CANDELS Investigation” — Sci. Staff: Dickinson, M.; Pforr, J.

Dale, D.A., et al., 2014ApJ...784...83D, “A Two-parameter Model for the Infrared/Submillimeter/Radio Spectral Energy Distributions of Galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei” — NOAO Survey Program: First Look Survey--KPNO 4m/Mosaic; NOAO Science Archive

Davison, C.L. et al., 2014AJ....147...26D, “The Closest M-dwarf Quadruple System to the Sun” — NOAO Survey Program: CTIOPI--CTIO SMARTS 0.9m/CFIM; CTIO SMARTS 1.5m/CFIM

de Blok, W.J.G et al., 2014A&A...566A..80D, “HALOGAS observations of NGC 4414: fountains, interaction, and ram pressure” — KPNO 4m/Mosaic

de Boer, T.J.L., Belokurov, V., Beers, T.C., Lee, Y. S., 2014MNRAS.443..658D, “The α-element Knee of the Sagittarius Stream“ — Sci. Staff: Beers, T.C.

de Carvalho, S. M., Rotondo, M., Rueda, Jorge A., Ruffini, R. 2014PhRvC..89a5801D, “Relativistic Feynman-Metropolis-Teller Treatment at Finite Temperatures” — CTIO SOAR

de la Fuente Marcos, C., de la Fuente Marcos, R., 2014MNRAS.441.2280D, “Comparative Orbital Evolution of Transient Uranian Co-orbitals: Exploring the Role of Ephemeral Multibody Mean Motion Resonances” — NOAO Survey Program: Deep Ecliptic Survey--KPNO 4m/Mosaic; NOAO Science Archive

Deacon, N. R., et al., 2014ApJ...792..119D, “Wide Cool and Ultracool Companions to Nearby Stars from Pan-STARRS 1” — KPNO 4m/RC Spectrograph

Decarli, R. et al., 2014ApJ...782...79W, “A Molecular Line Scan in the Hubble Deep Field North” — Sci. Staff: Dickinson, M.

Degenaar, N., et al. 2014ApJ...784..122D, “Multi-wavelength Coverage of State Transitions in the New Black Hole X-Ray Binary Swift J1910.2-0546” — CTIO SMARTS 1.3m

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