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Sharon E. Hunt
Librarian & Citation Analyst
Hours: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Sharon Hunt

NOAO Library
950 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
P.O. Box 26732
Tucson, AZ 85726
Hours: Open 24 hours/day

About the NOAO Library

The NOAO-Tucson Library is a research library that supports the work of NOAO and NSO staff members by facilitating access to information found in both electronic and paper sources.

The library maintains a collection of books, journals, atlases, observatory publications, and historical documents in astronomy, mathematics, physics, science, and technology to support the research activities of NOAO, NSO, and KPNO.

The library maintains a website with access to electronic journals, NOAO publications lists, and NOAO Library information, along with links to external reference sources.

Staff of Steward Observatory and LPL may also use the NOAO Library, although they should consult their institution's library first. The NOAO library is not open to the public.

The NOAO Library supports the mission of NOAO by
  • facilitating access to information in digital format through its webpages, with links to information sources, news items on astronomy, and electronic journals
  • handling journal subscriptions (print and electronic)
  • maintaining and circulating a physical collection of books and journals
  • locating and obtaining journal articles and books
  • answering reference queries to aid in research endeavors
  • offering public computers and printer
  • providing areas for quiet study and collaborative meetings
  • preserving the history of NOAO through its historical collections
  • compiling lists of publications by NOAO staff, observers using CTIO and KPNO data and facilities, and observers using NOAO-granted community-access time on non-NOAO telescopes

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News Posts

FY 2015 NOAO Staff and Telescope Data Publications (PDF; current month's citation first followed by complete listing

FY 2015 NOAO Staff and Telescope Data Publications (online listing with links to ADS)

Older News Posts

New Books in Library


November 17

Rosetta has landed! -- Rosetta website, JPL

New books (on New Arrivals Display):

8th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM-2013), ASPC 488, NOAO Library electronic subscription

Celestial Sleuth: Using Astronomy to Solve Mysteries in Art, History and Literature

Solar Polarization 7, ASPC 489, NOAO Library electronic subscription

Theory of Stellar Atmospheres, by Hubeny and Mihalas

NOAO Currents, November 2014: NOAO Workshops, TMT Call; WIYN Notice

New Open-Access Journal: Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems

Recent Presetation:

NOAO Scientific Staff Lori Allen, Frank Valdes, David James, Tim Axelrod, and Jayadev Rajagopal, and colleagues, 2014DPS....4641401A, "The DECam NEO Survey: A sensitive, wide-field search for near-Earth asteroids"; DPS Meeting

Scotti, J. V., McMillan, R. S., Larsen, J. A., 2014DPS....4641417S, Spacewatch Astrometry of Asteroids and Comets with the Bok 2.3-m and Mayall 4-m Telescopes

Recent Publications

Fernández-Trincado, J.G. et al. 2014 , "Searching for Tidal Tails around ω Centauri Using RR Lyrae Stars"; accepted to A&A; Sci. Staff: Vivas, A.K.

Kinman, T. D., Brown, W. R., 2014AJ....148..121K, The Identification of RR Lyrae and δ Scutti Stars from Variable Galaxy Evolution Explorer Ultraviolet Sou rces -- Sci. Staff: Kinman, T.

Lee, K.-S., et al., 2014ApJ...796..126L, Discovery of a Very Large Structure at z = 3.78, -- Sci. Staff: Dey, A.; Hong, S.; Inami, H.

Prescott, M.K.M., et al., Spatially Resolved Gas Kinematics within a Ly α Nebula: Evidence for Large-scale Rotation" -- Sci. Staff: Dey, A.; Accepted to ApJ

Schaefer, G.H., et al. 2014, Natur 515, 234, The Expanding Fireball of Nova Delphini 2013"--Sci. Staff: Ridgway, S.T.

Williams, B.F., et al., 2014ApJS..215....9W, "The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury. X. Ultraviolet to Infrared Photometry of 117 Million Equidistant Stars"-- Sci. Staff: Lauer, T.