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United States Gemini Program

NOAO Gemini Science Center Committee

The NOAO US Gemini Science Advisory Committee:

The NOAO Gemini Science Center normally meets annually with its community-based advisory council, the US Gemini Science Advisory Committee (US Gemini SAC), to discuss the US perspective on all matters that bear on the scientific quality and productivity of the Gemini telescopes. Members of the US Gemini Science Advisory Committee are appointed by NOAO. The current membership for the US Gemini SAC is listed below.

US Representation on Gemini Observatory Committees

Gemini Science Committee:

The Gemini Science Committee meets once, or sometimes twice, a year. It is responsible for advising the Gemini Observatory Management on Science Requirements. Members of the Gemini Science Committee are appointed by the Gemini Observatory. The current US members of this committee are:

Gemini Board of Directors:

The Gemini Observatory is overseen by the Gemini Board of Directors, with representatives from each of the Gemini Partner Countries. The US Members of the Gemini Board are appointed by the National Science Foundation. Currently, the US Board members are:

Gemini Operations Working Group

The Operations Working Group advises the Gemini Director on the use and scheduling of the Gemini Telescopes, and on matters related to the support of users and to the interface between the national communities and the Observatory. Each partner country office has a representative on this committee. The US member is:

AURA Oversight Committees

AURA Observatory Council (OC)

The OC provides oversight and advocacy for the management of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO).

AURA Oversight Council for Gemini (AOC-G)

The AOC-G provides oversight and advocacy for the management of the Gemini Observatory.

Links to Information on Gemini Governance

NGSC Staff

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NOAO is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), Inc. under cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. The NGSC represents U.S. scientific, technical, and instrumentation interests in the international community of the Gemini project. The NGSC is a division of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO).

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