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NOAO Workshop on the Reduction of Gemini AO Data, 26-27 February 2001, Tucson AZ

AO Workshop



Most of the PowerPoint presentations are available online. Clicking the presentation title in the list below will present the information in HTML format. Some of these HTML files were created from the PowerPoint files, and the translation process did not always produce a "true" copy. So, where available, the PowerPoint files are also provided. Clicking the *.ppt link will download the PowerPoint file for viewing on your local machine (requires PowerPoint, or a viewer). PDF files are also provided and may be downloaded by clicking the *.pdf link (requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™).

Narrow Band AO Observations in the Galactic Center
--Robert Blum (NOAO)
IDAC: Software for Blind Deconvolution | christou.ppt | christou.pdf
--Julian Christou (CfAO)
Experience with Using Hokupa'a | mchun_aows.ppt | mchun_aows.pdf
--Mark Chun (Gemini)
Imaging Faint Companions with AO
--Laird Close (Steward)
Stellar Photometry with Starfinder | currie.ppt | currie.pdf
--Doug Currie (ESO)
AO in 2001, Theory vs Experiments | enguehard.pdf
--Shirley Enguehard (AMP)
QSO Host Observations with Hokupa'a | guyon.ppt | guyon.pdf
--Olivier Guyon (IfA)
PSFCAL - A PSF Estimator | Hege_NOAO_27Feb01.ppt | Hege_NoAO_27Feb01.pdf
--Keith Hege (Steward)
SBF Observations with Hokupa'a | jjensen_aows.ppt | jjensen_aows.pdf
--Joseph Jensen (Gemini)
Phase-Diverse Speckle Imaging and AO-Corrected Solar Images | keller.ppt | keller.pdf
--Christoph Keller (NSO)
Reduction of the Gemini Science Demonstration Galactic Center Data
--Rainer Koehler (UCSD)
Characterization of PSFs | lauer.ppt | lauer.pdf
--Tod R. Lauer (NOAO)
Companion Searches with Keck and Gemini AO | luhman.ppt | luhman.pdf
--Kevin Luhman (CfA)
Open Discussion: The CfAO and Community Interaction
--Andreas Quirrenbach (UCSD)
Issues for the Quantitative Analysis of AO Observations | rigaut.ppt | rigaut.pdf
--François Rigaut (Gemini)
Detection of Faint Companions with Hokupa'a
--Claude Roddier (IfA)
Hokupa'a Observing and Basic Data Processing
--Kathy Roth (Gemini)
A Method for Obtaining Off-Axis PSFs | stienbring.ppt | stienbring.pdf
--Eric Steinbring (UCSC)

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