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Friday Scientific Lunch Talks

Friday Scientific Lunch Talks are held each Friday at 12:00pm in the NOAO-Tucson Main Conference Room at 950 N. Cherry Avenue. Contact Colette Salyk ( if you would like to make a presentation.

Dec 6
  • Hao Yang, Steward Observatory
    Magnetic Field Measurements of T Tauri Stars
  • Colette Salyk and Katy Garmany, NOAO
    Astro 101 at Tohono O'odham Community College
Dec 13
  • Jessy Jose, Indian Institute for Astrophysics
    Sh2-252 in Perspective - Stellar content, properties and star formation activity
  • Open
Jan 17
  • Lisa Prato, Lowell Observatory
    The Long View on Young Star Masses
  • Andy Goulding, CfA
    Tracing the evolution of AGN hosts throughout the last 9 billion years
Jan 24
  • Dina Drozdov, Clemson University
    A Light Echo from the Type Ia SN 2007af
  • Ginger Bryngelson, Francis Marion University
    Late Light Curves of Type Ia Supernovae: A NIR Plateau and the resulting uvoir Bolometric Light Curves
Jan 31
  • Alexandros Gianninas, University of Oklahoma
    An Update on the ELM Survey: Searching for the Shortest Period Binary White Dwarfs
  • Ezequiel Treister, Universidad de Concepcion
    The Cosmic History of Black Hole Growth
  • Steward Rm N305
Feb 7
  • Ivelina Momcheva, Yale University
    The 3D-HST Survey: Overview and Early Science Results
  • Open
  • Steward Rm N305
Feb 14
  • Warren Skidmore, TMT Observatory Corp.
    The Thirty Meter Telescope, The Next Generation Ground Based Optical Infrared Telescope: Science, Engineering and Instrumentation
  • Mark Dickinson, NOAO
    TMT and the US astronomical community
Feb 21
  • No FLASH, Rodeo Day
Feb 28
  • Zoltan Balog, MPIA
    Varibility in the Far-Infrared: A Herschel/PACS Study of IC348
  • Open
Mar 7
  • Phil Massey, Lowell Observatory
    A Modern Search for Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Magellanic Clouds
  • Maria Drout, Harvard University
    Rapidly Evolving Supernovae in PanSTARRS
  • Steward Rm N305
Mar 14
  • Casey Papovich, Texas A&M University
    Studying the Formation of M* Galaxies with CANDELS and ZFOURGE
  • Open
Mar 21
  • Carlos De Breuck, ESO
    ALMA reveals a nascent galaxy at z=4.8 embedded in a turbulent rotating [CII] disk
  • Biao Li, Peking University
    A Gemini/GMOS study of four intermediate luminosity early-type Virgo Cluster galaxies
  • Steward Rm N305
Mar 28
  • Jennifer Andrews, University of Massachusetts
    Testing the IMF with Unresolved Stellar Clusters
  • Alice Olmstead, University of Maryland
    Faculty Professional Development in Astronomy
  • Steward Observatory, Room 550
Apr 4
  • Jay Farihi, University College London
    Archaeology of Exo-Terrestrial Planetary Systems and the Discovery of a Rocky and Water-Rich Minor Planet
Apr 11
  • Saurav Dhital, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    Constraining the Mass-Radius Relationship in White Dwarfs Using Gravitational Redshifts
  • Vanessa Bailey, Steward Observatory
    Hole-y debris disks, Batman! (Directly imaging planets sculpting disks)
Apr 18
  • No FLASH, Spring Day
Apr 25
  • James Schombert, University of Oregon
    LSB galaxies: 30 years of data in 30 mins
  • Young min Seo, Steward Observatory
    NH3 dense cores in the L1495-B218 filaments in Taurus
May 2
  • Yancy Shirley, Steward Observatory
    A Systematic Search for Infall in the Starless Core Population Within the Perseus Molecular Cloud
  • Zhaohuan Zhu, Princeton University
    Transitional Disks: Signatures of Gap Opening by Young Planets?
May 9
  • Pat Hall, York University
    Gas Falling Into Black Holes - A Surprising Discovery
  • Jesse Rogerson, York University
    BAL Quasar Variability - It's Happening!
  • Steward, Rm 450
May 30
  • Laurie Riguccini, NASA Ames/BAER Institute
    Mid-Infrared Brightness Enhanced Galaxies in the Coma cluster compared to the Virgo cluster
Jul 16
  • Xuan Fang, Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia (IAA-CSIC)
    Deep spectroscopy of planetary nebulae in the Milky Way and beyond
  • La Quinta Conference Room
Aug 1
  • Thayne Currie, University of Toronto
    Directly Imaging and Characterizing Exoplanets around HR 8799 with Advanced PSF Subtraction Techniques
Aug 8
  • Russ Genet, California Polytechnic State University
    Observing close binary stars
Sep 5
  • Eric Craine, Western Research Company, Inc. and STEM Laboratory, Inc.
    Public Policy and Strategy for Preservation of Southern Arizona Observatory Sites
  • Abi Saha, NOAO
  • Steward Rm N305
Sep 12
  • James Liebert, Steward Observatory
    Enigmas Concerning White Dwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • Arjun Dey, NOAO
Sep 19
  • Tod Lauer, NOAO
  • Myron Smith, NOAO
Sep 26
  • Greg Salvesen, CU Boulder
  • Rosalie McGurk, UCSC
    Spatially Resolved Spectroscopic and X-ray Observations to Confirm or Disprove Dual Active Galactic Nuclei
Oct 3
  • Wayne B Hayes, UC Irvine
  • Open
Oct 10
  • NO Flash
    Cancelled due to Steward Symposium
Oct 17
  • Dan Milisavljevic, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Oct 24
  • Open
  • Steward Rm N305
Oct 31
  • Desika Narayanan, Haverford College
  • Steward Rm N305
  • Joan Najita, NOAO
Nov 7
  • Sabrina Stierwalt, University of Virginia
  • Gurtina Besla, Steward Observatory
Nov 14
  • Adam Tomczak, Texas A&M
  • Jacob Simon, Southwest Research Institute
Nov 21
  • Open
Nov 28
  • Thanksgiving holiday
    no talk
Dec 5
  • Open
Dec 12
  • Stephen Pompea, NOAO
  • Steward Rm N305
Dec 19
  • Open

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