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Observing At Kitt Peak - General Overview for Observers and Staff

Proposing To Observe
How to Apply for Observing Time
Staff Contacts for Instrument Questions
On first night of observing run: Please arrive at telescope by 1:30 PM, or negotiate another time with staff contact.
KPNO and NSO User Handbook
Tools for Computing Observing Information
Telescopes and Instruments
Available Telescopes and Instruments
Telescope and Instrument Documentation
Mayall 4 Meter Parameters
2.1 Meter Parameters
Observing Run Preparation
Observing Run Checklist
Kitt Peak Observing Run Preparation (ORP) Form
Coordinate Cache Submission Form
Help - Submission Form Error Messages
2.1m observers note: telescope operators are not provided. Please read the
2.1m Observer's Handbook prior to your run.
- PDF Version
2.1m Operations Workstations (overview)
Coudè Feed Documentation

CCD and IR Detector Characteristics
Filter Information
CCD Imaging Options
Imaging Exposure Time Calculator
Spectroscopic Capabilities
Spectroscopic Exposure Time Calculator
Spectral Atlas Central - for comparison arcs
Standard Star Catalogs Available

Kitt Peak Transportation Shuttle Information
NOAO Application for government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card
Route Map from Tucson to Kitt Peak
Map of Kitt Peak Summit
During Your Observing Run
SERVICE - web form for reporting problems 
Night Lunch Request Form
Observatory Policies for Dome Closing Conditions
Please Complete the Following Form Nightly
Kitt Peak Observing/Telescope Log Form
KPNO & WIYN Target of Opportunity Response
After Your Observing Run
Please Complete the Following Form
Kitt Peak Observing Run Evaluation Form
How to Retrieve Your Data from the NOAO archive
General User Information
Acknowledgements in Publications
Night Sky Spectrum-Mount Hopkins/Kitt Peak
The Delivered Image Quality with the MOSAIC Cameras at the Kitt Peak 4m Mayall and Cerro Tololo 4m Blanco Telescopes (2012 August 23)
Seeing at the 4-meter (Newsletter article.)
Reflectivity and Scattering of 4m and WIYN Mirrors
Tourist Info
Kitt Peak Visitor Center
Ephemeris for Kitt Peak (Observer's Calendar)
Kitt Peak Telescope Schedules
Schedule of Kitt Peak Observers
Kitt Peak Activities Calendar
WIYN Activities Calendar
0.9m Calendar
Instrument Support Calendar
Observing Assistant Calendar
Electronic Maintenance Schedule
Site and Weather Information
Current Mountain Status
Dome-opening status due to weather
Observatory Policies for Dome Closing Conditions
LTO reports
WIYN Night Logs
Know Your Observing Assistants
Cell Phone Use
Environment Information
Kitt Peak Site Information
KP Web Cams - summit views
Kitt Peak All Sky Camera (KPASCA)
  • Outside Access
  • All Sky Archives -- all access
  • 4 Meter Weather Display
    Most Recent Wind Data: 4m and 2m
    Most Recent Dewpoint Data: 4m, 2m, WIYN
    Plot MOSAIC Temperatures
    NSO/SOLIS Web Cams and Weather
    Historical Weather Data
    WIYN Weather Statistcs (Open vs. Closed due to weather) from 1999 to 2006.
    Probablility of Clear Skies
    R.G Giovanelli, Feb. 1979
    Statistics of Weather Data
    and Telescope Usage at Kitt Peak National Observatory ... David L. Crawford, 1964 to 1981
    Arizona Climate Summaries - Historical
    Favorite Weather Links
    Kitt Peak Weather Forecast
    Kitt Peak Clear Sky Chart
    NWS radar image from Tucson, AZ
    NWS Tucson Forecast Discussion
    NWS Lightning Safety Outdoors
    Personal Lightning Safety
    GOES Imaging of Northern Chile, South West, and Hawaii
    Ground-Based GPS Meteorology - Sells, Az.
    NRL - Satellite Meteorology
    U of A Atmospheric Sciences
    Real-Time Weather Data From NCAR
    Unisys IR Satellite Map
    The Weather Underground
    HODAR - KPNO Weather
    NSO/SOLIS Weather Information (Kitt Peak)
    SARA Observatory Weather Data (Kitt Peak)
    Observing Tools
    Tools and Resources
    Other links to the Astronomical Community
    NOAO FTP Archives
    NOAO Library Resources
    NOAO Science Data Management Help/Docs
    (NOAO Data Handbook, Archives and Portals)

    Select available stars (Bright Star Catalog)
    CFHT spectral atlases for CdNe, FeAr, ThAr, and ThNe for (about) 3500-9500 Å in fits format
    Select stars by [Fe/H], Teff, log g from Cayrel et al. catalog of Abundance Determinations
    Tips for Using the VI Editor
    TeX and LaTeX help
    DVD Writing Instructions
    Taping Data - Using wfits and tar
    How to Obtain Technical Assistance
    Memorandum: Technical Problems Response
    IRAF Support Services
    IRAF Help Pages
    ICE Exposure Flow Chart

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