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Approved NOAO Survey Programs

The following programs have been recommended for approval by the NOAO Survey Panel of the Telescope Allocation Committee and approved by the NOAO Director.

Data from these surveys are being made public through the NOAO Science Archive.

Program TitlePrincipal InvestigatorDatesTelescopes and Instruments
The DECam NEO Survey Lori Allen 2014-2016 CT-4m+DECam
Deep Imaging Survey of Nearby Star-Forming Clouds John Bally 1999-2002 KP-0.9m+Mosaic
A Census of the High Redshift Radio Universe Andrew Connolly 2005-2008 KP-4m+Flamingos
Comparative Exoplanetology of Hot-Jupiter Prototypes Jean-Michel Desert 2012-2014 GEM-NQ+GMOSN
The Evolution of Galaxy Clustering at 1<z<2 Richard Elston 2001-2003 KP-2.1m+Flamingos
The NEWFIRM HETDEX Survey - Probing the Growth of Galaxies with Cosmic Time Steven Finkelstein 2013-2016 KP-4m+NEWFIRM
A NEWFIRM Survey of the SDWFS/NDWFS Field Anthony Gonzalez 2008-2009 KP-4m+NEWFIRM
ChaMPlane: Measuring the Faint X-ray Binary and Stellar X-ray Content of the Galaxy Josh Grindlay 2000-2005 KP-4m+Mosaic
ChaMPlane II: Optical spectra and IR imaging identification of ChaMPlane X-ray sources Josh Grindlay 2007-2009 CT-4m+HYDRA
Mutual Orbits and Masses of Kuiper Belt Binaries and Multiple Systems William M. Grundy 2011-2013 GEM-NQ+NIRIAO
NEWFIRM Survey of Intermediate Age Populations in M31's Halo: A Test of (Lambda)CD Puragra Guhathakurta
and Rachael L. Beaton
2012-2013 KP-4m+NEWFIRM
In Search of Nearby Stars:A Parallax Program at CTIO Todd Henry 1999-2002 CT-1.5m+CFIM
A Fundamental Plane Peculiar Velocity Survey of Rich Clusters within 200 h-1 Mpc Mike Hudson 1999-2002 CT-4m+Mosaic
The NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey Buell Jannuzi and Arjun Dey 1999-2003 KP-4m+Mosaic
REsolved Spectroscopy Of a Local VolumE: The RESOLVE Survey in Stripe 82 Sheila Kannappan 2013-2015 GEM-S+GMOSS
The Carnegie Spitzer IMACS Survey Daniel Kelson 2009-2011 KP-4m+NEWFIRM
Toward a Complete Near-Infrared Spectroscopic and Imaging Survey of Giant Molecular Clouds Elizabeth Lada 2000-2005 KP-4m+Flamingos
The EXPLORE Project: A Deep Search for TransitingExtrasolar Planets Gabriela Mallen-Ornelas 2002-2003 CT-4m+Mosaic
The Resolved Stellar Content of Local Group Galaxies Currently Forming Stars Phil Massey 2000-2002 KP-4m+Mosaic
Star Formation in HI Selected Galaxies Gerhardt Meurer 2000-2003 CT-1.5m+CFIM
Optical Follow-up of the XMM Cluster Survey: The XCS-NOAO Survey Christopher J. Miller 2005-2008 KP-4m+Mosaic
Deep Ecliptic Survey Robert Millis 2001-2004 KP-4m+Mosaic
SZE+Optical Studies of the Cosmic Acceleration Joseph Mohr 2005-2007 CT-4m+Mosaic
Mission Accessible Near-Earth Objects Survey (MANOS) Nicholas Moskovitz 2013-2016 GEM-N+GMOSN
Survey of the MAgellanic Stellar History - SMASH David Nidever 2013-2016 CT-4m+DECam
A Deep H_2 Imaging Survey of Star Forming Regions in the Magellanic Clouds Ronald Probst 2010 CT-4m+NEWFIRM
Towards Unprecedented Accuracy of Fundamental Parameters for Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars Andrej Prsa 2011-2013 KP-4m+ECHUV
The Cosmic Deep And Wide Narrowband (Cosmic DAWN) Survey James E. Rhoads 2013-2015 KP-4m+NEWFIRM
The Outer Limits Survey: Stellar Populations at the Extremities of the Magellanic Clouds Abhijit Saha 2006-2008 CT-4m+Mosaic
Making Hay with ALFALFA: The Star-Formation Properties of an HI-Selected Galaxy Sample John Salzer 2011-2013 KP-2.1m+CFIM
Southern Standard Stars for the u'g'r'i'z' System Allyn Smith and
Douglas Tucker
2000-2004 CT-0.9m+CFIM
A Next Generation Microlensing Survey of the LMC Christopher Stubbs 2001-2005 CT-4m+Mosaic
Spectroscopy of Galaxies in Massive Clusters: Galaxy Properties and Dynamical Cluster Mass Calibration Christopher Stubbs 2011-2013 GEM-S+GMOSS
The w Project: Measuring the Equation of State of the Universe Nicholas Suntzeff 2002-2006 CT-4m+Mosaic
Deep Lens Survey Tony Tyson,
David Wittman, and
Ian Dell'Antonio
1999-2003 KP-4m+Mosaic
The NEWFIRM medium-band survey: accurate redshifts for 40,000 K- selected galaxies Pieter van Dokkum 2008-2009 KP-4m+NEWFIRM
The NEWFIRM Medium Band Survey II: Hunting Monster Galaxies Pieter van Dokkum 2010 KP-4m+NEWFIRM
Type Ia Supernovae in the Near-Infrared: A Three-Year Survey toward a One Percent Distance Measurement with WIYN+WHIRC Michael Wood-Vasey 2012-2015 WIYN+WHIRC

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